About Earth Hour Fencing

Earth Hour Fencing specialises in the installation of an advanced perimeter security fencing – near invisible clear fencing. This type of fencing is at the forefront of technological development and offers the protection of a solid concrete wall in near invisible form.

The products installed by Earth Hour Fencing are developed in collaboration with technical professionals and are thoroughly tested. Because of its distinctive and crisp, unobtrusive finish, Earth Hour Fencing enhances the aesthetics of any facility. Along with unrivaled appearance, durability and cost-effectiveness, our fencing is almost impenetrable and impossible to cut through.


Earth Hour Fencing is owned and managed by Colin Bouwer and specialises in the installation of various types of near invisible perimeter fencing. We are based in Kempton Park, Gauteng and are suppliers and installers of clear fencing, palisade fencing and electric fencing.



We understand that whether you are looking to secure an office, factory, or any type of public building, you want the toughest and most durable perimeter fencing on the market that is at the same time also aesthetically pleasing. That is why you need Earth Hour Fencing, which is on the cutting edge of technology yet also durable and cost effective.